About Us

Nature under your feet

Vintage rug is similar to nature’s life. In nature, no energy goes to waste and gets meaning again through recycling in itself. The business that we do is the same as nature, it is a completely recycling story.

Today, we are trying to reinterpret rugs that were made in the past. I do this work lovingly and passionately. So every product that you buy will be a part of passion and you will also become a Vintage enthusiast.


The colored Vintage Collection has been produced from Turkish carpets of at least 30-90 years of age. Each carpet is carefully selected and undergoes a unique process of color neutralization before being overdyed with an exciting new color. The result is a mix of traditional Turkish carpet design fused with a contemporary style. Each rug is unique by size and by color. You can view the current Vintage Collection here.


Using ancient Turkish techniques, our rugs are fashioned from original handmade and organically dyed wool and cotton blend vintage Turkish rugs. The edges are handsewn and we are responsible for the shaving, bleaching, colorization, overdying and drying of our reworked rugs. We soak all of our rugs in pools of boiling water with only TÜV approved textile dyes so you can rest assure they are of the highest and safest quality.